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  • 5 Star RatingJerryOctober 15, 2016
    thank you lisa I am so glad that I came to you for the eyebrow wax and color. you are a true professional and artist you made sure that I got the eyebrow shape that fits me and it looks fantastic, the eyebrows have never looked better and I will be a regular client of you
  • 5 Star RatinganonymousJuly 12, 2015
    Lisa is simply the best. Don't settle for less than perfection. This woman is an expert.
  • 5 Star RatingGuest27831June 4, 2011
    If you are looking for a place that specializes in waxing - this is it! Lisa is very courteous and professional. I am extremely satisfied with my eyebrow and body waxing. I would highly recommend Get Waxed!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest33824December 12, 2010
    My sister introduced me to Lisa and Get Waxed. Lisa is professional and I'm so pleased that she has her own place to work with her clients. I wish her a prosperous and successful future in her new location!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest19974November 19, 2010
    Lisa is top notch! I waxed in Los Angeles for 10 years and NYC for 5 years. Then I came to Buffalo and have spent the last 5 years looking for a qualified and talented waxer. I have finally found the answer! Thanks for a great job Lisa!!
  • 5 Star RatingMarySeptember 29, 2010
    Lisa is a complete professional and provides an exceptional level of expertise and quality in her work. I have had my brows tweezed, threaded, waxed and sugared over the years, but NO ONE has ever taken the time that Lisa did to determine the correct shape and thickness for my brows to look their very best. She is an artist! I have received multiple compliments since having Lisa wax my eyebrows, most of them including that they think I look younger! Before going to Lisa I had never had a bikini wax done, mostly out of fear of pain! But, Lisa put me at ease and explained exactly what she would be doing. Her facility is spotlessly clean and her attention to hygienic procedure is impressive. She used a fresh stick for each application of wax (no "double dipping") to insure that there was no contamination of her wax. I was thrilled with the results and will continue having this done as well. Who knows... maybe even a brazilian is in my future!
  • 5 Star RatingmariaJuly 19, 2009
    Lisa deserves to by far The most professional and talented person that I have ever encountered in my many years of "getting waxed." She is a true artist, perfectionist, and respectful of each individual she provides services to. Lisa has waxed my eyebrows for over 5 years (I swear she takes years off my face)! Lisa has also waxed my bikini area and underarms and she provides meticulous sanitary and hygiene is top on her list. Believe I know because I am a nurse and i notice these things! LOL! If you go to her just one time I believe that you will be hooked!!!! My whole family goes to Lisa!! Maria
  • 5 Star RatingMelonApril 30, 2009
    Before I went to Lisa I did not realize how well groomed brows could affect an overall look. I was immediately impressed by Lisa's caring attitude, attention to detail and great service. She is a true professional!
  • 5 Star RatingGuest32674March 31, 2009
    I have been a client of Lisa's for about three years now for brow and bikini waxing and would never consider going to anyone else. I have had painful experiences before but none since I started going to her. She is very professional and takes her job seriously. She always puts her clients first and is has been wonderful to this busy woman! I highly recommend her services to anyone.
  • 5 Star RatingDawnMarch 28, 2009
    I've been going to Lisa for over five years to get my brows, legs and bikini area waxed. Before I met Lisa I bounced around from salon to salon for my waxing needs but after I met her, I had no need to go anywhere else! Her attention to detail has kept me as a loyal customer.
  • 5 Star RatingSusieMarch 28, 2009
    If you want to look like a celebrity on the red carpet, see Lisa for the best color, waxing and shaping of eyebrows. No one does it better, that's why I keep coming back ! I've been around and I know quality and expertise when I see it. Five star is an understatement ! Lisa is a 10 star plus specialist !! Need I say more ??A satisfied customer for 7 years.
  • 5 Star RatingGuest35881March 26, 2009
    Lisa does an awesome job! She pays close attention to detail and really takes her time to make sure my eyebrows look perfect! I would recommend her to anyone!
  • 5 Star RatingRichardMarch 19, 2009
    Your brows are in good hands with Lisa. She is the best at what she does and provides excellent service in a clean and comfortable environment. I always get compliments on my brows - even from perfect strangers - and would never trust anyone but Lisa with them. At an affordable price you can get quality service and leave looking and feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend Get Waxed by Lisa to anyone!
  • 5 Star RatingTaraMarch 7, 2009
    Lisa is the best waxing artist I have ever been to. I will not go to anyone else. She spends the time tweezing every last hair that is out of place and she knows which shape eyebrows look good on your shape face. I highly recommend Get Waxed. You will not be disappointed, I promise!
  • 4 Star RatingJenniferMarch 7, 2009
    Lisa always goes out of her way to do an amazing job. I've been getting my eyebrows done by her for a couple of years now and she always does such a nice job. (and i have one eyebrow that refuses to grow right! :)She takes her time, is extremely knowledgeable of her field and always a pleasure to talk with.
  • 5 Star RatingKMarch 5, 2009
    If your hair stylist has been doing your brows - stop the madness! I'm in Sales. I know how important it is to look your best - the details matter. Lisa's expertise will amaze you.
  • 5 Star RatingGuest95581March 5, 2009
    You will need to look no further for all of your waxing needs. Lisa is a true professional who will always make you look your best !
  • 5 Star RatingDanielleMarch 3, 2009
    Lisa has been waxing my eyebrows for almost 10 years. She is a perfectionist! Lisa takes the time to meticulously wax, pluck, and trim each brow until they are perfect. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my waxing. If you are looking for beautiful brows, don't look anywhere else.
  • 5 Star RatingBrooke RoseFebruary 28, 2009
    I have gone to Lisa forever...and I will Only go to Lisa!She is professional, friendly and her work is the Best in Buffalo!She is very talented and makes you feel so comfortable.I have recommended Lisa to all my friends...Once you start going to Lisa you wont want to go anywhere else!
  • 5 Star RatingClaudiaFebruary 25, 2009
    I highly recommend this waxing studio. I have been a customer for almost 10 years and would not trust anybody else for waxing. Lisa provides a very clean and relaxing environment. She takes her time with you and always does a great job! So many of my friends and family our her clients now too. She is the best at what she does...go check this studio me you will be along time customer!

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